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August 26, 2011

Random Facts Friday

I clearly have great room for improvement on this whole blogging consistently thing.  So I’m stealing Katie’s RFF post idea.

1. I have a thing against socks in bed.  Which is weird, because I am grossed out by feet.  But don’t share a bed with me and wear socks, it will not end well (for you).  True story.

2. I don’t watch TV except when I’m at home visiting my parents.  Then I watch an hour or two every night.

3. I kind of accidentally gave up gluten (I KNOW!) and now have been eating gluten-free for almost two months.  About four weeks into it, my doctor told me to give up gluten, so I told her I had ESP.  She didn’t believe me.

4. My mom is an amazing quilter; I can’t sew to save my life.

5. I’ve become obsessed with painting my fingernails since I quit my corporate job.  I like having hot pink nails to code away on my computer all day.

6. I hate odd numbers, but I’m ok with multiples of 5. When we first got cell phones, my dad took me to the store to ask the sales people to let me pick out the phone numbers.  My cell is entirely even numbers and I will never give up the number.

7. I used to have hair to my waist in middle school.  I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for two years and it’s just past my collar bone.

8. I think most bottled waters taste funny, but I’m OK with Smart Water and Fiji water.

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August 21, 2011

which shoulder was it again?

The thing about surgery that cracks me up is the number of times they ask you “What are we operating on today?”  I know that they are required to, but it still strikes me as funny.  The first time I had shoulder surgery, I was appalled that they wrote “YES” and “NO” in black Sharpie across both of my shoulders.  I’ve read more about it now and am familiar with the practice, so it was less shocking, more amusing.  I was joking with my family that I should write “YES” on my right arm and then “Just kidding!” on my right shoulder.

Clearly, no one had informed the poor nurses that by 7.15am on a normal day I have usually biked, run, or swam, consumed at least one (sometimes two) breakfasts, and showered.  I went in with one goal: not to tell the anesthesiologist that he looked like a monkey.  You see, ten years ago, when I had my first shoulder surgery, I had a (very nice) anesthesiologist who bore a slight resemblance to a monkey.  Certainly nothing absurd, just one of those things where when you looked at him, “monkey! monkey!” ran through your brain.  In a normal mental state, I would have thought nothing of it; however, once he pumped me full of drugs, I apparently felt it necessary to share the inside of my brain with him.

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August 20, 2011

trip to arizona (pt 1)

I’m back in Wyoming and on the path to recovery (or at least to becoming a permanent fixture in this reclining chair).  The trip down to Arizona was relatively uneventful.  We arrived Monday morning, picked up the rental car (my mom and I were rockin’ a black Crown Vic), and headed off to meet several old friends from when we lived down there.  We then went to my absolute favorite lunch spot to indulge in what I remember as the best salad in Phoenix.  My mom even splurged for a cookie; however, I am strictly gluten-free at the moment, so I was content to hear how delicious it was.  After we were fueled and ready to go, I hit the mall with my childhood best friend for some much need coffee catching-up and window shopping.

the stuff legends are made of

My mom met back up with us in the late-afternoon and she and I hit the first (of many) froyo shops: Yogurtology.  We didn’t mess around with getting our fix of froyo – I had places mapped out for every day we were in town.  Then we hit up a Lululemon, grabbed much-needed supplies (and dinner) at Whole Foods and returned to the hotel to get to bed early, as I had plans for a quick hike up Camelback Mountain the next morning.

Now clearly I had been out of the desert for too long, as my thinking on Tuesday am went something like this: <good voice> Laura, you should take water, it’s hot in the desert. <bad voice> Nah, I’m going at sunrise and I’ll be quick, I mean, it’s only 1200′ and it’s (almost) sea level.  <good voice> It’s pretty humid for the desert… and it’s 88 degrees when you’re starting your hike. <bad voice> Whatever, you only have one good hand anyway, you don’t want a water bottle in it! You’ll be a-ok! 

 Well folks, the bad voice won out (as it usually does) and no water bottle was the verdict when I hopped out of the car.  Well that was DUMB.

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August 14, 2011

visiting a long lost friend

Tomorrow morning, I will take off for Arizona, to visit a man I have known for the past 10 years.  And boy am I not excited to see him.  Let me step back, this “long lost friend” is also known as Dr. Z; the doctor whom I saw for three shoulder surgeries during high school and the beginning of college.

In high school, when I started competitively playing lacrosse, I began having pain in my right shoulder.  It started out bearable, but the more I practiced, the worse it got.  After several visits with the team nurse and several orthopods,  I ended up in Dr. Z’s incredibly capable hands, with a diagnosis of an acromion bone that hadn’t fused when I was born.  It turns out that the fix for that is a screw.  You just pop a screw in the shoulder and then the bone fuses itself.  Easy, right?  Well, this was 2001 and by 2003, my body had done the work of fusing the bone.  I decided that I really wanted to visit Dr. Z again (because, really, another surgery? yes, please!) so I took a dive in a soccer game in 2003, which ended up knocking the screw loose.  <side note: I would like to point out that the dive was (partly) responsible for us winning the game. And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about “we always knew you had a screw loose.”>  So Dr. Z went in again and took the screw out.  Two years later, the scar tissue had built up to the point it was affecting my game, so he went in arthroscopically and shaved that away.

My shoulder has been great to this day (thanks in large part to my favorite physical therapist, T, with whom I worked on and off for my entire high school career).  However, I have a propensity toward injuring myself, and about four weeks ago, I managed to wreck my bicycle and injure my left shoulder.  After an MRI with contrast (a medical first for me!), I learned that I had what is known as a SLAP tear in my labrum.  The fix: surgery.

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August 9, 2011

music, an important ingredient in some runs

I was out on the trails for two and a half hours this morning and after running into some incredibly noisy people, I uncharacteristically decided to pop my earbuds in and listen to some tunes.  I am usually against listening to music on the trails, because part of what I love about them is listening to nature and being able to hear myself breath/my feet hitting (or thumping as was case this morning) the dirt and rocks.  I listened to my normal mix on my iPhone for about 10 min, but decided I wasn’t in the mood for the music that was on there (mostly pop/hip hop/new country).  Instead, I grabbed my iPod shuffle (that hasn’t been updated in 3.5 years) and decided to see what I’d find.  I heard a smattering of everything from the Aussie Bush Band, Jock Jams (a favorite of my brother and I in high school), Top Gun, and, of course, Sarah McLachlan.

hot pink. so hot right now.I once spent an entire week during one summer organizing my entire family’s music collection.  I deleted all the duplicates, made sure everything had the right genres, and changed all song titles to fit a template.  Then two months later, the music collected had branched into four different collections with different music and I briefly threw a tantrum.  And then decided that there was no way I was ever spending time on music again.  As a result, my music collection is a disaster zone.  If I ever have to go find an old song, I make sure my eye protection and hard hat are securely in place before venturing into the depths of the \\music drive!

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August 7, 2011

how did THAT happen?

Well, I’m new to the world of blogging, but after being inspired by some awesome triathlete bloggers (Katie, Beth, Emily, Laura, and Victoria to name a few), I decided to give it a try.  I don’t know where to even begin, so let’s start with where I’ll be in 324 days:

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