music, an important ingredient in some runs

I was out on the trails for two and a half hours this morning and after running into some incredibly noisy people, I uncharacteristically decided to pop my earbuds in and listen to some tunes.  I am usually against listening to music on the trails, because part of what I love about them is listening to nature and being able to hear myself breath/my feet hitting (or thumping as was case this morning) the dirt and rocks.  I listened to my normal mix on my iPhone for about 10 min, but decided I wasn’t in the mood for the music that was on there (mostly pop/hip hop/new country).  Instead, I grabbed my iPod shuffle (that hasn’t been updated in 3.5 years) and decided to see what I’d find.  I heard a smattering of everything from the Aussie Bush Band, Jock Jams (a favorite of my brother and I in high school), Top Gun, and, of course, Sarah McLachlan.

hot pink. so hot right now.I once spent an entire week during one summer organizing my entire family’s music collection.  I deleted all the duplicates, made sure everything had the right genres, and changed all song titles to fit a template.  Then two months later, the music collected had branched into four different collections with different music and I briefly threw a tantrum.  And then decided that there was no way I was ever spending time on music again.  As a result, my music collection is a disaster zone.  If I ever have to go find an old song, I make sure my eye protection and hard hat are securely in place before venturing into the depths of the \\music drive!

Needless to say, I love the idea of playlists (and often spend hours of runs dreaming about what it would be like to have a solid 5K playlist, a long run playlist, a speedwork playlist…) but the current playlists in my iTunes right now are “LAURA” (a CD an ex-boyfriend made for me about 6 years ago), “fav christmas” (a playlist that has three songs in it, but I got tired of listening to all the classical Christmas I had, so I pulled out the three songs I liked), and “new songs” (where I dump all the songs I download and want to listen to at the moment).  I’m one of those people who can (and will) listen to the same song on repeat for a month, so I usually just download the new song I want and set my iPhone to “repeat one” for 30 days or so before shelling out another $1.29.

Anyhow, as I listened to my shuffle this am, I had flashbacks to when this little hot pink thing used to be my companion for hours after work as I’d run along the Kirkland waterfront.  thanks for the image, wikipedia!

It got me thinking to how much music affects my run, but how little I do to control that.  Obviously, I work on my swim, bike, run, and nutrition.  But should I do some music training too?  What about you guys, do you have specific playlists for specific runs?  Do you spend a lot of time updating them?


One Comment to “music, an important ingredient in some runs”

  1. I only run with music for races. I haven’t updated my iPod in years, so all of the music is old. But that really doesn’t matter to me. When I run with music, I’m really not listening to it. I just need some background noise.

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