trip to arizona (pt 1)

I’m back in Wyoming and on the path to recovery (or at least to becoming a permanent fixture in this reclining chair).  The trip down to Arizona was relatively uneventful.  We arrived Monday morning, picked up the rental car (my mom and I were rockin’ a black Crown Vic), and headed off to meet several old friends from when we lived down there.  We then went to my absolute favorite lunch spot to indulge in what I remember as the best salad in Phoenix.  My mom even splurged for a cookie; however, I am strictly gluten-free at the moment, so I was content to hear how delicious it was.  After we were fueled and ready to go, I hit the mall with my childhood best friend for some much need coffee catching-up and window shopping.

the stuff legends are made of

My mom met back up with us in the late-afternoon and she and I hit the first (of many) froyo shops: Yogurtology.  We didn’t mess around with getting our fix of froyo – I had places mapped out for every day we were in town.  Then we hit up a Lululemon, grabbed much-needed supplies (and dinner) at Whole Foods and returned to the hotel to get to bed early, as I had plans for a quick hike up Camelback Mountain the next morning.

Now clearly I had been out of the desert for too long, as my thinking on Tuesday am went something like this: <good voice> Laura, you should take water, it’s hot in the desert. <bad voice> Nah, I’m going at sunrise and I’ll be quick, I mean, it’s only 1200′ and it’s (almost) sea level.  <good voice> It’s pretty humid for the desert… and it’s 88 degrees when you’re starting your hike. <bad voice> Whatever, you only have one good hand anyway, you don’t want a water bottle in it! You’ll be a-ok! 

 Well folks, the bad voice won out (as it usually does) and no water bottle was the verdict when I hopped out of the car.  Well that was DUMB. I made it about 3/4 of the way up and then it hit me like a brick wall: holy heck was I dehydrated.  In retrospect, I should’ve turned around, but I had too big an ego for that, so I kept going.  Luckily, I made it up and down just fine, but I was stopping every 5 minutes on the way up to sit in the shade and regain composure.  It was definitely the toughest hike I’ve ever taken up that little mountain.  I was rewarded with great views at the top, however.

My mom met me at the bottom, we raced back to the hotel for me to take a quick shower (I didn’t want to show up to Dr. Z’s office reeking of sweat) and grab breakfast and then headed off to the Dr’s office.  It felt like I was going back in time, as we were put in the exact same room I remember being in 6 years ago!  I grilled the doctor on recovery and when I’d be able to swim, bike, and run again.  When I didn’t get the answer I wanted the first time, I’d ask again, with a leading question ;-).  After we had everything set, I headed off, with pre-op instructions in hand and orders to report to the surgery center at 7.15am the next morning.

Naturally, our first stop was the other Lululemon store in Phoenix, just in case they had different things!  Well, of course, they did, so I walked out with yet more stuff to sweat in.  <side note: at this point my wardrobe is quite honestly 80% sweating gear and 20% “normal people” clothes>  After lunch and my mom treating us to mani/pedis, we stopped for froyo.  Quite an ideal afternoon, in my book!  It was early to bed and early to rise to get there in time for surgery the next morning, which I will save for another blog post.


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