mmmm chocolate chip cookies

After a whole summer of neglecting backing (I KNOW), it was time for some chocolate chip cookie action.  I mean, surely I had burned enough calories in my 90min sweatfest on the elliptical (ugh… don’t get me started on that thing) to justify eating a cookie approximately the size of my head.  I had been wanting to try the “perfect chocolate chip cookies” that Mr. David Leite had written about 3 years ago (so I’m a little behind the times, sue me).  With a house full of people, a care package getting ready to be mailed, and a few dozen PTs to thank after this summer’s injury, I decided this was the best time.  What better way to say “thank you for fixing my body that I keep breaking” than a plateful of these gems:

Now, you would think with an aerospace engineering degree from a highly technical institution, that I would be able to add.  But if you thought that, you would be sorely mistaken, my mental math sucks.  So much so that the whole concept of this recipe (let the dough rest 36 hours) was lost on me.  I made the cookie dough at noon, which would mean that I should have baked the cookies at midnight the following day.  Remember this girl goes to bed at 9pm. Lost cause.

Despite the math error, these cookies came out superb (or my taste testers lied to me…).  I will admit that I actually followed most of the basic baking rules that I generally let slide… I let the butter & eggs come to room temperature, I sifted the flours, I creamed the living daylights out of the butter and sugar.  However, I think the secret lies somewhere between the idea of letting the dough rest and the size of the cookies.  The recipe calls for 3.5oz dough balls or “the size of generous golf ball.”  Well, I pulled out the scale, and let me say, these are more like the size of a tennis ball:

However, making cookies this size means the texture of the finished product is fantastic.  The outside is crispy and the inside is still gooey/doughy: the perfect cookie.  I tip my hat to you, Mr. Leite.  This recipe is a definite keeper.

I was also amazed when the next day my dad bit into a cookie and the chocolate was still melted.  I don’t know why this is (they certainly were no longer hot), but I’ll take it!  A cookie that makes a mess every.single.time it is eaten?  Heck yes!


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  1. oh man. i am making these tonight.

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